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Industrial Design

Nothing teaches how many steps there are between having an idea
and actually having a product for sale
as doing it.


EF booth



Sitting Pretty

As an example of Elegant Technology, Sitting Pretty describes an invention that enables the manufacture of a truly custom-fit chair.

The introduction (5.9 mb)
How a chair should fit (2.9 mb)
Why chairs often don't fit (2.3 mb)
The "slip-slide" (445 kb)
Not enough adjustments (2.3 mb)
The custom-fit alternative (2.0 mb)
How to fit a chair (2.8 mb)
The commercial implications (5.3 mb)


Inventing an
Elegant Technology

The version history of a custom-built chair

Version 1 (4.9 mb)
Version 2 (5.9 mb)
Version 3 (2.9 mb)

JAL speaks

The link between the
custom-fit chair and the book "Elegant Technology"

These videos decribe how a specific invention leads to a wider theoretical construct.

The lessons of the chair (6.6 mb)
Elegant Technology (7.8 mb)

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Elegant Technology on Video

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