Elegant Technology

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Current insights

Serious thinking about serious issues—peak oil, climate change, crumbling infrastructure—and the economic impediments that keep a better society from being built.

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Elegant Technology defined

More than merely another term for green technology, Elegant Technology is a set of economically progressive public policy prescriptions.

This section contains a complete introduction to the 1992 book Elegant Technology including a downloadable .pdf file of the complete text.

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Historical context

If we want to create a sustainable society, it’s a good idea to study the ideas of those who built our societies in the first place. The American political economist who had a front row seat for the settling and building of the country was Thorstein Veblen. There is so much about him at this site, it has become the largest Veblen site by volume on the Internet.

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About the author

Builder, patented inventor, historic preservationist, industrial designer, computer enthusiast, Larson brings an astonishing array of perspectives to his writing. The lessons from these tasks are all over his writing—they are the invisible footnotes.

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