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Elegant Technology
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Elegant Technology

Table of book's contents


Part One:
The People of Industrialism

Chapter One: The Hunter and the Farmer

  • The Producer's World According to Veblen
  • The Deindustrialization of America

Chapter Two: Marxism: the failed promise

Chapter Three: Are Producers a Class?

  • Class Conflict
  • Preservation of Archaic Traits
  • The Danger of Preserved Predatory Traits

Chapter Four: The Theory of the Industrial Class
When Creativity Becomes Important!

  • The Producer as an Artist
  • Creativity and Producer Class History
  • Skills, Procedures, and ValuesThe Art of Technology
  • Great Artists Must Often Work for Predators
  • Is "Producer" or "Predator" a Personality Type?
  • Homeopathic Differences Between Predators and Producers
  • Is Conflict Between Producers and Predators Inevitable?
  • Value Confusion versus Value Clarity


Part Two:
The Economics of Industrialism

Chapter Five: The Economics of Predation

  • The Myth of the Market
  • The Economics of Predation
  • The Myth of Value-Free Science

Chapter Six: Money!

  • Preindustrial Assumptions
  • The New Reality
  • Industrial Monetary Policy
  • Industrial usury
  • N.U.P.
  • NUP only applies to simple interest
  • Severe 1970s-style inflation
  • The Volcker rollback
  • The damage to the economy when interest rates exceed NUP
  • Never kill the customer
  • Noneconomic damage caused by interest rates above NUP

Chapter Seven: Fordism

  • The Fordist economic principles

Chapter eight: Tools!

  • The Nature of Tools
  • The Economics of Design
  • Design as a Growth Factor
  • Producer versus Predator Capital
  • The Justification for Green Design

Chapter Nine: The Great Riverboat Gamble

  • Military Keynesianism on the Ground
  • The Selling of Catastrophe

Part Three:
The Industrial Environmental Solution

Chapter Ten: Do Producers Have a Plan?

  • The promise
  • Closing the Loop
  • An end to the economics of waste

Chapter Eleven: Technological Elegance

  • Elegant Technology
  • The Rules of Industrial Elegance
  • Elegant Waste Management
  • Elegant Agriculture
  • Elegant Medicine and Population Control
  • Elegant Tools
  • Elegant Energy Applications
  • The Elegant Mix

Chapter Twelve: Building a Consensus For Action

  • Building for the Future--Industrial Environmentalism as a Development Strategy
  • Mega-projects
  • Paying the costs

Chapter Thirteen: The Hurdles to Industrial Environmentalism

  • Hurdles of Awareness:
  • Information
  • Education
    • Value Hurdles:
    • Capitulation to the Policies of Predation
    • The price of liberty is eternal vigilance
    • Guarding Against Predation
    • Militarism
    • Redeploying the Military
    • Political Hurdles:
    • The Need to Invent a Producer Politics
    • Economic Hurdles:
      Is Industrial Environmentalism Affordable?


Chapter Fourteen : The Populist Perspective

  • The Cultural Manifestations of Populism
  • Political Populism
  • Will Neo-Populism Triumph?
  • Supplemental Populism Reading List

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