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The politics of the builders

Many of the people who first built USA came to understand that Producers have political needs because of the very nature of their work. They spawned many movements but the best-known called themselves Populists. Recently, the term populism has re-entered the political discussion. As a serious student of Producer politics, I took it upon myself to write a primer on Populism for the Daily Kos website.


Part One: Populism—an introduction

Part Two: Populism--Size matters

Part Three: Populism--a matter of class

Part Four: Populism--Marxism NOT

Part Five: Modern Populism--technological literacy

All five in a .pdf file


Producer economics

All ideas for an environmentally sound tomorrow depend on an economic system that gets them turned into hardware. The economics that gets things built differs profoundly from the “Enronized” casino economics of Wall Street. Here are essays that use contemporary examples to describe Producer economics and point out the differences between it and the Predator version.

The 110 year old clue
On why the USA auto industry bailout is so different from the bailout of Wall Street

The Economic Benefits of Addressing Climate Change

Economics: A Matter of Life or Death

The Greatest Generation—Economics Division


Elegant Technology (examples)

Of all the “green” technologies to date, wind turbines are the most successful. And the American Midwest is a good place to watch them being put into action. This site is not the place to seek out scholarly information for why windpower works economically. Here we have pretty pictures and informative videos.

Thinking about Energy Efficiency

Windpower Movie Links

Energy Efficiency: What every Progressive MUST know


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