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Here's to wind power--my favorite
Elegant Technology


1) My video record of the new Vestas v82 wind turbine recently erected at nearby St. Olaf College in Northfield MN.

YouTube link:
Quicktime Movie (40.2 megs)
Windows Movie (35.4 megs)

2) In an attempt to demonstrate that wind turbines are beautiful, I traveled to Buffalo Ridge in southwestern Minnesota on a spring day to capture the kenetic sculpture that is a giant wind farm. The sky cooperated--the footage is stunning

Recently, I cut together some of these shots and combined it with Edvard Grieg's incomparable Varin (Spring)

Old and new windmillsYouTube link:

Energy Efficiency: What every Progressive MUST know

Energy efficiency is the goal of every sane person on earth. What’s not to like? If energy is used more efficiently it solves pollution problems, foreign policy dilemmas, balance of trade issues, etc.

So why aren’t energy efficiency problems being meaningfully addressed? It is tempting to look around for bad guys--oil industry executives, automobile manufacturers and their unions, spineless legislators, the advertising business, insane tax policy, etc.

Folks who wish to blame the “bad guys” have a small point. But when it comes to actually making a society more energy efficient, beating up on the “bad guys” is not very productive. Because the real reason a more energy efficient society never gets built is MUCH more simple and frightening: Energy efficiency is a LOT harder than it looks!!!

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